Tuesdays Together Reflections: Risky Business

Welcome to my first blog post! I’ll save the long intro for another day, but for now I will say I am happy you’re here and I hope you enjoy my ramblings.



This week I attended my first TuesdaysTogether in Annapolis, where the topic of the month was Creative Risk Taking. I was so excited (i.e. nervous sweating) and thrilled to be welcomed so positively. When I downloaded the guide, I made a comment to my husband that “I will probably just listen for this one, I don’t have too much to contribute yet”.

Cue big red buzzer. Wrong.

I went into this meeting with the notion that risks are only the big, bad, scary, career-defining, jumps off the cliff. The make-or-break decisions. The forks in the road that could put an end to you.

Again, wrong.

I never looked at risks as the day-to-day decisions to be yourself. To welcome people into your process. To ask for help. To introduce yourself to a fellow creative. The little choices that we make every day, the ones that usually go unnoticed, are sometimes the biggest of them all.

I clammed up being in a large group of friendly strangers and didn’t share nearly as much as I should have, but I made the longest list in my head of risks that I have already taken and will be taking in my business-building journey. What I realized is that the only thing that is big and bad about these risks is me. My fear.

What are you afraid of, Amelia? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. Tornadoes, for one. But mostly I am afraid of my own insecurities and how much power they have over me. My biggest fear is that I will be knocking on the doors of the industry, selling my figurative calligraphy cookies, and everyone on the other side will shout, “We don’t want any!”

Logical-me says that’s insane. That would never happen. Everyone “on the other side” has been exactly where I am now. They’ve all been the new kid. They’ve all had to introduce themselves and make new connections in order to see their dream grow. The thing is, I’m not on a separate side than everyone else. I joined their side when I made the decision to be a calligrapher.

Logical-me needs to constantly remind hyper-emotional-me of the risks I’ve already taken and didn’t even know it. Deciding to learn and embrace a new art that I had no background in. Deciding to showcase my art on the biggest day of my life. Deciding to start charging people for my art. Deciding to stay up late nights practicing instead of snuggling up with Jake. Deciding to quit my job, a job I loved with my whole heart. Deciding to build a business. Risking it all to jump in, head first, to a job that feeds my soul.

When I think of it that way, risk-taking is really a no-brainer.

Now, on to making real calligraphy cookies… priorities, people.